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“As a Blind podcaster for so many years, I can say that I have been enjoying it as much as I like and will enjoy it as long as podcast exists. What advantages podcast brings to your life?”


“Ever since I loaded my iPod mini with a fresh new podcast, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I have gained disability a few years ago and currently, only my smartphone enables me to have access to my favorite podcasts. I just find it interesting because of its many funny stories. I have met a variety of people with the same visual impairments like me. We explore topics related to our blindness. They are the good friends whom I have known already when I started listening to the podcast.”

– AVA L.

“I have been visually impaired in the last 5 years of my life. Before that, I am not listening to any music or podcast. I got my blindness through a car accident. I had been very sensitive to many things starting then. Those things I liked before the accident happens, I developed a dislike for afterwards. Until my aunt gave me an iPod and inserted it with different stories about hope in blindness etc. which is streamed live by popular podcaster. I listen to it every day. I found it interesting and the stories they are airing here are really great.”


“Thank you for answering my question. I thought that I was the only one who developed oversensitivity after my blindness and I thought it was not normal. But after hearing your comments, I feel at ease. Again, thank you so much. Hope I can listen to the podcast with any one of you soon.”