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Q. What is a podcast?

A. A podcast is a type of audio presentation that is broadcasting on
the Internet. It is an all-out audio presentation that you subscribe in within the website or app called podcatcher. The audio presentation will be on the internet. It is all are made up of digital files that we are sending on the internet and will be heard by many on the same day it was uploaded. It is important to subscribe in the podcast first using the podcatcher, and when you do a new podcast will automatically be delivered to you after publication.

Q. What is Blind Cool Tech?

A. Blind Cool Tech is a website consisting of a team of podcasters. Our producers are visually impaired so it was hard for us to deliver our messages not just to everyone but most especially to the adults who have a visual impairment. We are a team with a mission not to fail in this job and presents only for your best interest.

Q. Can I play the podcast on my device?

A: Absolutely! When you download the podcast on your device, you will need a standard computer. Because the creator doesn’t allow some of the files to be downloaded from a web browser to some mobile phone. Once you have this done, you can either import the files into your music files or transfer them using the app of your choice and play them freely and conveniently in your mobile phone or in any other gadget you may have. If you don’t have the app you may visit the app store and download it for free.