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Welcome! Here is the short story of our site – the Blind Cool Tech. Podcasting is today’s buzz but the Blind Cool Tech creates something new and something better than the ordinary podcast. Our team of podcaster consists of several blind people who produce the thing that is being aired in a podcast. We suggest that listeners who know anything about Podcasts, who knows how to record one which would fit our taste and genre, to send it to us your sample or contact our staff to submit your podcast. Who knows? You may be the next big thing when it comes to podcasting.

Blind Cool Tech is a website that helps people who are starting to lose their sight or who lost them already to live full and independent lives by providing timely information, daily living techniques, interesting and funny blind stories through a podcast. We are having a live podcast weekly in the theater of Wisconsin. You are invited to the said event every Saturday of the week at 8 pm. 

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Launching and running a podcast is not easy for us. Especially since half of our team are visually impaired, it has many obstacles. There are many reasons why people might be confused with what we are doing. Being visually impaired is certainly a big challenge for us, but it’s the one that gave us hope to continue our goal and mission in life and in this industry. We are a team that is dedicated to each and every work we provide to our listeners. We strive to give inspiration especially to those who have low or no vision at all. We know that this is not easy. As such, we make them as bearable to them as possible.

We hope you can support our team and our effort to provide inspiration to others especially to the people like us with visual impairment. This our story and the story of the rest of the team. Keep on browsing on the available pages in our site to learn more about Blind Cool Tech.