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Zenstone Revisited

12/27/2007 David Miles

ties up some loose ends and answers more questions about this accessible mp3 player. 23.6 MB

Victor Reader Stream Detailed Review

12/23/2007 Neal Ewers

describes this new digital talking book reader as some of the best technology he has seen in quite a while. It does a lot of things, and it does them all well." He demonstrates key features. For complete information and links to manuals and updates, see the HumanWare site at www.humanware.ca/stream.html

. 46.4 MB

Windows Unattended Installation Demo

12/21/2007 Drew Weber

describes ways to completely automate the installation of Windows so a blind user may perform the task. Documents, examples, and links are provided at Drew's web site. 23.1 MB


12/20/2007 Steve Bauer

demonstrates this free Google service that provides business contact information over the phone using remarkable voice recognition and great text-to-speech. Goog411 also connects the call or will text details to your cell phone. 3.7 MB

Eberhard Heinrich Space

12/18/2007 Eberhard Heinrich

tours his living space. 10.3 MB

Google Tips And Tricks

12/11/2007 Robin Christopherson

shares some accessibility tips about search, maps, and mail. 8.3 MB

Unzip Them All

12/7/2007 Sarah Alawami

reviews this archive management program that works well with multi part zip files. 9.3 MB

WHS Intro

11/15/2007 Kevin Suggs

introduces and demonstrates Windows Home Server. He shows features and accessibility including the remote console. 8.4 MB

NLS Books Final Steps

11/13/2007 Mary Emerson

concludes this series about the new download service from NLS using the Victor Reader Stream. 19.5 MB

Dlink USB Phone Adapter

11/5/2007 Brandon Heinrich

reviews this device that lets you connect a regular telephone to your PC for use with Skype internet calling. 28.2 MB

Flight Simulator 2

11/3/2007 Scott Shade

takes you through the menus of Flight Simulator 2002, handles some rough weather, explains FS Navigator, designs a flight plan, and demonstrates the sounds (in stereo) of three aircraft (crashing two of them in the process.) 75.3 MB

Blind Leopard Install

11/2/2007 Kevin Reeves

installs the new Mac OS 10.5, Leopard, cold--no rehersing, no screen using Voice Over with several new features. 34.1 MB

Eberhard Heinrich Intro

11/1/2007 Eberhard Heinrich

introduces himself with a little background. 3.6 MB

Rain Water Tank

10/30/2007 Lachlan Thomas

observes a team of men and a crane install a huge rain water tank in his mom's backyard. 15.0 MB

Zen Stone

10/28/2007 David Miles

demonstrates this mp3 player that is accessible, because it lets you tag your folders with recordings, and there is no visual interface on the device. You control it with simple dedicated buttons. 17.4 MB

Hypersonic Tutorial

10/24/2007 Ken Downy

instructs in the use of this multi purpose music workstation from Steinberg. The files for this tutorial are from www.dti.us.tt. 13.7 MB

Vi Player

10/21/2007 Sean Randall

interviews Allen Shaw of Saks Electronics about this mp3 player with full voice guidence in all menus, software on the PC to convert text to audio, a common user-replaceable battery, 4 GB internal storage, and a SD slot for expansion storage. 10.4 MB

Flight Simulator

10/19/2007 Scott Shade

demonstrates filing a flight plan and flying from St. Louis to Chicago using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, FS Navigator, FS UI PC Control, and adaptive technology. 26.5 MB

Melodyne Tutorial

10/17/2007 Ken Downy

shows how to use this software from www.celemony.com that lets you edit midi by editing audio. The shortcut file is here. 12.3 MB

Gateway Clipper

10/16/2007 Jerry Barrier

takes a ride on the Liberty Bell, one of the ships in the Gateway Clipper fleet in Pittsburg, PA. 17.2 MB

Robin Christopherson Intro

10/13/2007 Robin Christopherson

introduces himself, shares a tip for getting past those annoying paynes at the top of pages with Internet Explorer 7, and recommends software that includes a mini GPS application that tracks your position by cell tower coverage. He also notes that he sees little difference between Way Finder and Way Finder Access, especially given the fact that you can label graphics in the former to provide turn information. 4.8 MB

RCA Recorder Review

10/12/2007 Chris Lockwood

reviews this digital recorder. 12.25 MB

Monitor Mode Makes The Zoom H2 More Accessible

10/10/2007 Neal Ewers

describes how using monitor mode on this recorder can make many of the menu options easier to navigate and use, because the effect of the menu option (if it is sound related) can be heard through the earphones. 7.2 MB

Slug Race

10/8/2007 Riz Khan

calls a race of a different kind. 1.5 MB

Send Space Overview

10/4/2007 Jose Tamayo

introduces this large file transfer service that is an alternative to yousendit.com. 38.3 MB

Victor Reader Stream

10/2/2007 Mary Emerson

provides impressions of this new Digital Talking Book reader, explains the key layout, and demonstrates the process of applying for a digital unlock key to enable the device to play downloadable NLS books. 11.7 MB


10/1/2007 David Miles

and Jim attend a local auction in the UK. David provides tips and techniques. 25.9 MB

SSDI Consideration

9/26/2007 Neal Ewers

cautions listeners with some facts about insurance and Social Security Disability Insurance. 11.9 MB

Cooking Is Not Boring

9/24/2007 Krister Ekstrom

and his friend Helena have some fun cooking. 24.7 MB

Total Recorder And Skype

9/20/2007 Simon Cowan

and his fiance, Lisa Hudson, demonstrate recording a Skype call using Total Recorder and discuss other aspects of this combination. 33.2 MB

Talking Alarm Clocks

9/19/2007 Lachlan Thomas

discusses a few talking alarm clocks and takes one apart. 5.2 MB

R09 Firmware 130

9/18/2007 Riz Khan

explains where to find this update for the firmware on the Edirol R09, what features it contains, and how to install it. 16.4 MB

Downloading NLS Digital Talking Books

9/15/2007 Mary Emerson

outlines the process for signing up with the National Library Service (NLS) to participate in an expanded pilot program to download digital talking books. 7.1 MB

Plantronics Audio 910 Headset

9/11/2007 Marrisa Manzino

reviews this bluetooth/USB wireless headset. 28.2 MB

Text File Converters

9/6/2007 Mary Emerson

demonstrates software from www.processtext.com that converts from one file type to another. 6.9 MB

Simon Space

9/5/2007 Simon Cowan

introduces himself and tours his living space. 19.1 MB

RCA Lyra Wireless Transmitter

9/4/2007 Mary Emerson

reviews this wireless headphone transmitter pair that lets you listen to your PC without being close to it. 3.0 MB

Zoom H2 Recorder Review

9/1/2007 Neal Ewers

compares the H4 with the H2, notes the abscense of the annoying whistle, and suggests that while the accessibility is aweful, the recorder is so good it is worth using anyway. 53.0 MB

Do Not Crack

8/31/2007 Samual Wilkins

explains why you should not participate in software piracy. 4.3 MB

Rhapsody Tutorial Info

8/30/2007 Jamie Pauls

announces the availibility of a tutorial on using this legal music service to download and listen to a wide variety of music. 15.8 MB

Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS

8/28/2007 Mary Emerson

reviews this sound card that fits into the PCMCIA slot an a notebook. 22.2 MB

Friendship Bell Tour

8/24/2007 Jerry Berrier

and his family visit the friendship bell in Oakridge Tennessee. 4.5 MB

Thoughts On Dual Core Processors

8/22/2007 Joseph Lee

presents background information and opinion on single vs dual core processors in your PC. 6.6 MB

Guide To Vista 7

8/21/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this series about using Vista effectively with topics like the backup and restore center and others. 26.0 MB

Sheep Walk

8/20/2007 David Miles

interviews some sheep and their owner. 16.3 MB

Guide To Vista 6

8/18/2007 Joseph Lee

continues his discussion of Vista with a look at its media features including a newly redesigned Media Center, Media Player 11, and Volume Control. 49.8 MB

New Tutorials Released

8/16/2007 Chris Judd

announces new tutorials, including one for Skype, and reviews the entire list of 23 that are now available. 21.9 MB

My IP Relay

8/15/2007 Chris Gilland

reviews this relay service that lets a deaf user receive phone calls on a computer or handheld device. 35.1 MB

SkRead Demo

8/11/2007 Jim Fidler

demonstrates this free program that announces Skype events and lets you adjust the voice independently of the screen reader voice. 13.7 MB

Music In The Park

8/10/2007 David Miles

attends this event, jointly hosted by local radio and local council. 33.2 MB

Call Burner

8/8/2007 Rick Harmon

reviews this software from www.callburner.com that records Skype calls. He also provides a sample recording from Call Burner. 12.0 MB

Vista Speech Recognition With System Access

8/6/2007 Matt Campbell

demonstrates how easy it is to set up Windows Vista's Speech

Recognition, give voice commands, dictate text, and train Speech

Recognition for improved accuracy, using System Access from Serotek. 12.0 MB

World Of Coke

8/5/2007 Larry Skutchan

is joined by Rodger and Liz as they tour World of Coke, a museum in Atlanta devoted to the world's most popular soft drink. 75.3 MB

More On Symbian

8/4/2007 Fi Dunn

continues her discussion of the Symbian operating system for cell phones.

Send Large Files

8/1/2007 Jose

demonstrates the use of yousendit.com as a way to send large files.

Action Tec Vo Sky Call Center

7/28/2007 Rick Harmon

describes and demonstrates this device that lets you plug an anolog phone into it, then make Skype calls using voice over IP (VOIP) technology. The device also records Skype phone calls. 24.7 MB

Guide Dog Retirement

7/27/2007 Larry Skutchan

explores some of the issues and considerations when it is that time for your dog to retire. 30.1 MB

Tribal Warrior Tour

7/26/2007 Adam Morris

tours Sydney harbour and an island within the harbour on a

boat run by an Aboriginal company. (Aborigines are indigenous people of Australia.)

They talk about their customs and what the island was used for by their people. 18.8 MB

Hollywood Poker

7/25/2007 David Chun

reviews this accessible poker game that lets you play up to a thousand tournaments per day. 29.9 MB

Identity Theft Protection

7/23/2007 Mary Emerson

discusses this criticle topic and recommends www.lifelock.com as a possible solution. She also shares two personal experiences as examples of how easy this can occur and how she discovered the problem. 3.7 MB


7/21/2007 Fred Leung

reviews this RFID scanning system from www.gaishantech.com that contains many other features including mp3 player and FM radio. This hand-held device records audio information that you provide onto a tag which is then afixed to an object for which you will later want identified. You then use the scanner to read the tag. Tags could go on clothes, CDs, and food products. Gai Shan means "to improve" in Chinese. 29.6 MB

Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

7/20/2007 Kelly Sapergia

reviews this accessible game from www.pcsgames.net. 30.1 MB

Wind Controller

7/19/2007 Jay Pellis

describes these devices that record wind instruments. He demonstrates the Yamaha WX5. 20.7 MB

Braille Flag Picture

7/18/2007 Mary Emerson

uses a braillewriter to make a picture of the flag. 3.6 MB

Sendero GPS Version 4

7/17/2007 Chris Grabowski

describes and demonstrates the new features in this release of this GPS software from Sendero Group. 8.9 MB

SPBMC12 Microphone

7/15/2007 Graham Hardy

introduces himself and reviews this quality microphone. 34.4 MB

Eye Rock 500

7/14/2007 Jason Rufo

describes and interviews participants of this stock car race that teams visually impaired drivers with sighted co-pilots. 39.5 MB

Convert Books To Audio

7/13/2007 Harun

demonstrates one method of converting text into audio to play on an mp3 player. 5.0 MB

Performing Arts

7/5/2007 David Dumfy

showcases performers from National Federation of the Blind. 91.6 MB

Putting On Makeup

6/30/2007 Marla Wertman

shares more techniques for putting on makeup. 6.0 MB

Christopher Bartlett Intro

6/29/2007 Christopher Bartlett

introduces himself. 21.7 MB

Rail Racer

6/28/2007 Che Martin

teaches how to play this new game from www.blindadrenaline.com. 18.9 MB

Logic Answer

6/27/2007 Don Barrett

reveals the solution to the logic problem he introduced. 8.1 MB

Introduction To LaTeX

6/26/2007 Justin Harper

demonstrates and describes the advantages of the LaTeX markup language for blind students and professionals who need to read and write advanced math formulas. 28.3 MB

EZ Chord Guitar Attachment

6/25/2007 Mathew Bullis

discusses this device from www.e-zchord.com that attaches to a standard guitar and lets the novice user play four chords. 7.3 MB

Voice Sense

6/24/2007 Chris Grabowski

demonstrates this new portible, braille input note taking device with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity from www.gwmicro.com. 20.1 MB

System Access On The Internet

6/23/2007 Jamie Pauls

expands on Rick Harmon's presentation by comparing internet access on a screen reader and System Access to Go. 12.2 MB

Way Finder Access

6/19/2007 Earl Harrison

demonstrates this new global positioning system (GPS) software written especially for accessibility that runs on phones running Symbian. 23.7 MB


6/18/2007 Rory Hoffman

introduces soundfont technology,

a low-cost, and often free, way for musicians, (keyboard players in particular,)

to increase the quality and quantity of sounds. He explains what soundfonts are, how to use them, and provides several examples of the variety available. 84.7 MB

Applying Makeup

6/17/2007 Atty

provides tips and tricks for looking your absolute best. 14.2 MB

Verizon LG 5300

6/16/2007 Marla Wertman

reviews this cell phone that is accessible without the addition of a screen reader. 9.0 MB


6/15/2007 Andre Louis

demonstrates this software from www.ninjam.com that uses the internet to let musicians jam together, no matter where they are. 29.8 MB

System Access To Go

6/14/2007 Rick Harmon

discusses this innovative tool from Serotek that can make any Windows PC that is connected to the web accessible.

C Cleaner

6/13/2007 Sarah Alawami

reviews this software that helps keep your computer clean of junk. 6.9 MB

Paper Planes

6/12/2007 Riz Khan

describes the art of constructing planes from paper. 9.5 MB

Drive Snapshot

6/10/2007 Darrin Duff

reviews this powerful drive imaging software that is also particularly accessible. 25.7 MB

Chime Clocks

6/9/2007 Kristian Whawell

discusses the history and background of chime clocks with audio demonstrations. 50.7 MB

Screamer Radio

6/8/2007 James Scholes

discusses this software that lets you listen to online radio from around the world. 40.4 MB

Guide To Vista 5

6/7/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this series with a look at security and account control. 30.5 MB

Samsung A640 Demo

6/6/2007 Judy Mathews

describes and demonstrates this phone from Sprint that contains partial built-in accessibility. 30.5 MB

Braille In JAWS

6/5/2007 Mary Emerson

describes how to use the braille features in JAWS. 8.9 MB

Untitled String Piece

6/4/2007 Ben Green

shares a composition that needs a name. 7.6 MB

Guide To Vista 4

6/2/2007 Joseph Lee

discusses the new and changed internet features in Vista. 29.8 MB

Vista With Jaws

5/31/2007 Rick Harmon

comprehensively outlines the use of Vista with Jaws in this presentation that first appeared on Main Menu.. 84.2 MB

James Scholes Intro

5/30/2007 James Scholes

introduces himself. 28.5 MB

Symbian Demo

5/28/2007 Fi Dunn

demonstrates a cell phone running 3rd generation Symbian operating system with both Talks and Mobile Speak for accessibility. 35.2 MB

Sprin tLG Fusic LX 550

5/28/2007 Eric Foreman

demonstrates this self voicing accessible cell phone. 32.9 MB

Cell Seminar

5/25/2007 Jessie Lorenz

conducts a seminar on accessible cell phone technology. 70.0 MB


5/24/2007 Don Barrett

challenges you to solve a whopper of a logic problem. 4.9 MB

Transmit Demo

5/23/2007 Sam Britton

demonstrates this FTP client software. 27.5 MB

Flight Suit

5/22/2007 Joseli Walter

describes this suit for your bird that tethers it to you and includes a diaper. 34.3 MB

A Guide To Vista Part 3

5/21/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this in-depth look at Windows Vista by examining the Control Panel and explaining ways to customize the interface. 31.6 MB

Vista First Look

5/20/2007 Kathryn Jedynak

shows how Windows Vista, business edition, works with both JAWS and Window-Eyes. 60.0 MB

Startup Manager

5/19/2007 James Scholes

introduces himself and demonstrates this program that lets you control what Windows starts when it loads. 6.3 MB

Niro Start Smart

5/18/2007 James Malone

demonstrates how to use this seemingly inaccessible yet powerful DVD burning program. 15.3 MB

Adobe 7

5/17/2007 Marrisa Manzino

demonstrates the auto read feature in this version of the popular software to read PDF documents. 43.4 MB


5/16/2007 Angie Matney

discusses this high speed scanner and the off-the-shelf optical character recognition (OCR) software she uses to scan the large amounts of material necessary for law school. 2.5 MB

Carl Space

5/15/2007 Carl de Campos,

tours his living space, talks about recording equipment, and tours his horse farm in South Africa. 11.7 MB

A Guide To Vista Part 2

5/3/2007 Joseph Lee

continues this discussion on the use and accessibility of Vista. 28.1 MB

Solar Talking Bible

4/23/2007 Steve Bauer

demonstrates this talking bible that is solar powered. 4.6 MB

Three ways To Shine-em-up

4/23/2007 Riz Khan

discusses the universal fact about CDs- they get dirty and what to do about it. 11.2 MB

A Guide To Windows Vista Part 1

4/11/2007 Joseph Lee

begins this series about the new and expected to be most widely used operating system on earth. He covers new features, accessibility, upgrade paths, security, and more. 26.4 MB

Mailing List Changes

4/11/2007 Rick Harmon

explains the blindcooltech mailing list history and intent and invites you to help manage the traffic on the list by using these guidelines as a way to focus discussion. 4.0 MB

HD Radio Demo

4/10/2007 Steve Bauer

answers questions about accessibility and quality, and demonstrates high definition radio. (Originally airing on www.acbradio.org.) 21.6 MB

Voice Box Script Demo

4/9/2007 Rich Cavallaro

demonstrates using the voice box script with Rockbox on an

iAudio x5 to make this mp3 player accessible. 11.2 MB

Atty Space

4/8/2007 Atty Rose

tours her living space. 8.9 MB

IAudio X5L Review

4/6/2007 Clement Chou

discusses this amazing, accessible mp3 player. 28.4 MB

Debbie G Intro

4/4/2007 Debbie G

introduces herself. 6.7 MB

CSUN 07 Wrap Up

4/3/2007 Larry Skutchan

summarizes the highlights of the 2007 CSUN assistive technology conference, talks about the new generation of robotic floor vacs, and outlines some new guidelines about podcast submissions. 25.3 MB

FS Commander

4/2/2007 Desmond Jackson

demonstrates this utility that runs on the Freedom Scientific Pacmate PDA. It lets you set up an accessible remote control for your TV and other devices. 4.4 MB

Play Audition

4/1/2007 Sarah Alawami

has some real fun auditioning for a play. 9.3 MB

MSN Accessibility

3/30/2007 Marissa Manzino

seeks your opinion about a delimna she has with MSN accessibility. 21.8 MB

Multi Language Time 1

3/29/2007 Clement Chou

Begins this series with the Asian "ethnic" languages. 23.3 MB

Fighting Fantasy

3/28/2007 Luke Hewitt

reviews this accessible game. 36.2 MB

Joseph Lee Intro

3/23/2007 Joseph Lee

introduces himself. 3.9 MB

Pioneer Inno XM Radio

3/19/2007 Shawn Terry

reviews this XM radio that also records. 18.3 MB


3/19/2007 Rick Harmon

demonstrates this free screen reader for Windows. 14.2 MB

Patty Day Tech Tip

3/17/2007 Jim Fidler

(of Republic of Avalon Radio) shares some great music and a wee tip about DNS. 14.3 MB

Itunes Accessibility Demo

3/16/2007 Darcy Bernard

and Holly Anderson explain that Apple has been working hard on accessibility, and the new release of Itunes shows it. They share this excerpt from their podcast, The Screenless Switchers, demonstrating Itunes and Voice Over, the screen reader that comes with the Mac, working together. 13.6 MB

Horse Riding From South Africa

3/15/2007 Carl de Campos,

says, "Hi there from South Africa!

My name is Carl de Campos, I stay just south of Johannesburg, on a 600 hectar horse and game farm.

I'm totally blind and own my own horse and ride regularly.

A local national radio station, SAFM, on a programme called "LifeStyle" came to the farm on the 30th of December, 2006, and interviewed me about myself, blindness in general, horse riding as a blind rider, and a bit about what the farm, stirrup Glen, offers.

I got full permision from the radio programme manager to use this recording on your web site, as I wanted to share this audio recording of the interview with our BlindCoolTech listeners, and hope to start recording my own podcasts soon from the farm, giving the listeners some South African flavour, nature and horse and other animal sounds, and just anything I can contribute to the enjoyable podcasts I've been listening to from BlindCoolTech.com.

I've purchased myself an Iaudio X5 mp3/media player and loaded the latest Rockbox

firmware, and extremely happy with the unit, especially sound quality, and I've just ordered the Sound Professionals SP-Pasm-2 from

www.soundprofessionals.com, and hope to thus make fairly acceptable podcast recordings from South Africa.

I'm also going to try and make some future train and railway recordings from SA,

as I'm a train fanatic, and we do also still have steam enthusiast clubs as well

and I sometimes go on steam train trips.

Can anybody maybe from that side tell me where I can get some more good train podcasts,

I especially like Neil's podcast of that slow train to nowhere, those big American Diesel locos with heavy freight cars really sound so realistic when played back on a deacent sound system with sub-woofer, I'm looking for more such quality material.

Many thanks for a great site, and will try my best to contribute where I can, open

to any suggestions for South African sight seeing sounds.

"May the Horse be with You"" 7.3 MB

Nexxtech Talking Multimeter

3/14/2007 Mike Justice

describes and demonstrates the Nexxtech Talking Digital Multimeter. This is

a very "blind friendly" electronic testing tool that costs under $50!

Source: KMS Tools And Equipment Ltd (British Columbia, Canada)

toll free 800 567 8979

www.KMSTools.com. 10.3 MB

Non Visual Desktop Access

3/13/2007 Rick Harmon

describes the advantages and disadvantages of this screen reader, talks about cababilities, and demonstrates the free, open source screen reader called Non Visual Desktop Access. 61.6 MB

Nick G Space

3/12/2007 Nick G

tours his living space. 50.0 MB

Sky Taylor Space

3/11/2007 Sky Taylor

tours his living space. 29.7 MB

Linksys CIT 200 Skype Phone

3/11/2007 Quyen Le

reviews this cordless phone that uses your Skype account to communicate. She describes the software and installation, phone use, tips and tricks, and concludes with her likes and dislikes. Also, check out her new web page. 36.7 MB


3/10/2007 Jose Tamayo

notes that this product from www.nextup.com makes a great way to convert text to audio (like mp3,) but it does a lot more. Jose reviews it. 22.5 MB

Stacey Robinson Intro

3/9/2007 Stacey Robinson

introduces herself. 4.4 MB

Pioneer Airware XM Radio

3/8/2007 Liam Erven

discusses this XM radio receiver, Talks about XM radio itself, provides examples of how the radio works, and shows how a blind person may access most of its functions. 19.8 MB

Andy Farm Intro

3/7/2007 Andy Logue

introduces himself and his family of pets from his farm on the

West Coast of Scotland. 44.9 MB

Cuisinart Grind And Brew

3/6/2007 Marissa Manzino

reviews the Cuisinart Grind and brew coffee pot. She describes the

unit, compares it to previous models, and ends the podcast by preparing coffee using the grind function. 33.1 MB

Wireless Networking

3/5/2007 Rick Harmon

discusses getting a wireless network set up for his home network. 48.2 MB

Hong Kong Episode

3/4/2007 Fred Leung

talks about some aspects of life in Hong Kong, including recording bird songs, Electronic Audible Traffic Signals and the good old tram. 12.8 MB

Terminal Services

3/3/2007 Andrew Hodgson

accesses a terminal services session with WindowEyes on a remote server. 21.6 MB

Sonic My DVD

3/2/2007 Ben Green

describes this software for making DVDs. 41.1 MB

Caribbean Calipso Jazz

2/27/2007 Andre Louis

explains, "I was recently asked by my father to join him on stage playing keyboards for a gig he was doing. I hadn't playd live that many times before and despite being nervous I did.

This is a recording of said gig. Unfortunately because I didn't know I

would even consider submitting it because I thought it might be imbarrassing but it isn't on reflection, it has no intro, none of that, but you're usual summary both in the mp3 tag and on the website is always very informative and everyone will know what it is if they just take the time to look at it.

I think this sort of thing will have been quite unheard of before, at least to 98 percent of people, as my father is quite unique.

He plays steel drums, but not in the traditional Caribbean style of calipso music, but using Jazz as the basis, so you get to hear awesome solo's that will make you stop and think.

This gig consists of a 7-piece set.

steel drums, Keys, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Percussion and saxophone.

It was recorded with my Iriver H140 from the collar of my sweatshirt, using microphones made by Will and Zoe from Australia. You might remember their BCT podcasts on cooking Boritos and other such fine things.

Here's hoping that you and your listeners enjoy this 72 minutes of music.

It was recorded last Thursday, the 22nd of February."

Mike Evers Intro

2/26/2007 Mike Evers

introduces himself. 9.8 MB

Setting The DS50 Clock

2/25/2007 Edward Alonzo

demonstrates how to independently set the clock directly from the recorder. 34.2 MB

Going Wireless

2/19/2007 Mary Emerson

discusses some new gear she purchased to access the internet wirelessly. She shares that networks may become quite elaborate and provides places to get more information. 51.9 MB

Matthew Dyer Intro

2/18/2007 Matthew Dyer

introduces himself and discusses some other things. 10.1 MB

Vonage Demo

2/16/2007 Kristian Whawell

signed up for the service and demonstrates its use and the hardware that comes with it. 95.3 MB

In Transition

2/15/2007 Ray Foret Jr.

experiments, observes, asks a question about the built-in microphone, and tells a horrifying story about the line-in in the Zoom hd4 digital recorder. 28.8 MB

MSS Demo

2/14/2007 Earl Harrison

demonstrates the world's first screen reader, Mobile Speak Smartphone, running on Windows Mobile 5 on the T-mobile Dash smartphone. 27.5 MB

Notepad Tip

2/13/2007 Muhammad Islah Busakorn

shows how to automatically insert the date into a text file using Notepad. 7.5 MB

Audio DVD Extractor

2/12/2007 Jose Tamayo

gives details about this software from www.castudio.org that extracts the audio from your DVDs. 11.4 MB

Icon Follow Up

2/8/2007 Jenny Axler

answers questions people have asked since her last cast and gets to a few other things she did not cover in her last presentation. 10.5 MB

Olympus DS50 Addendum

2/7/2007 Neal Ewers

answers the question from his previous cast: What do I mean by the fact that Olympus has extended the boundary of the dictation recorder. I talk about the kind of non-dictation recordings one might expect to get from this recorder. 2.9 MB

Olympus DS50 Recorder Review

2/5/2007 Neal Ewers

describes this new digital recorder, demonstrates the talking menus, uses it with different external microphones, covers some odds and ends, and shares his list of things he wish it had or didn't have. 74.1 MB

Converting Braille To Print

2/5/2007 Muhammad Islah Busakorn

demonstrates converting a Braille document back to print using the Duxbury translator. 11.7 MB

Guide Dogs And Bubble Wrap

2/5/2007Darren Duff

and his guide dog play with bubble wrap just for fun! 9.7 MB

Unidend BCD396

2/4/2007 Don Coco

reviews this digital police scanner. 37.6 MB

Windows Unattended Installation 2

1/31/2007 Rick Harmon

continues this description of installing Windows in various ways so that a blind person can perform the task. 31.7 MB

Trance Induction To Relaxation

1/30/2007 Jorge Mojica

induces a hypnotic trance for physical and mental relaxation with a trigger to reinduce the state when you want.

The first eight minutes or so is the intro and the remaining nine or so minutes is the hypnotic process. 12.1 MB

DS50 Part 2

1/29/2007 Mary Emerson

continues her exploration of this new digital recorder. 21.7 MB

Olympus DS50

1/29/2007 Mary Emerson

reviews this new digital recorder that contains spoken menus. 19.3 MB

Humanware Interview

1/29/2007 Larry Skutchan

talks with Humanware about their sleek new braile displays. 4.0 MB

Using Windows Live Messenger

1/28/2007 Dan

demonstrates the use of this chat client. 9.45 MB

Toss And Go Ball

1/28/2007 Jose Tamayo

describes this laundery product. 7.1 MB

Ski Trip

1/28/2007 Don Ball

attends a ski clinic at beach mountain NC with the

Raleigh Parks and rec Vip program. He learns the basics of skiing from

instructors who volunteer to help the disabled ski. This file covers that


Comprehensive Icon Tour

1/28/2007 Jenny Axler

guides you through the features and functions of the Icon. 58.1 MB

Disney Downtown

1/27/2007 Larry Skutchan,

Rodger, Tony, Maria, and Armondo relax with a visit to these shops, theaters, and restaurants. 73.5 MB


1/26/2007 Rebecca Skiffer

introduces herself and discusses a place to obtain online college textbooks that are accessible. 7.6 MB

Karen McCall Interview

1/25/2007 Larry Skutchan

interviews Karen about er work with accessible PDF and transforming documents from one format to another maintaining accessibility. 2.1 MB

Icon At ATIA

1/25/2007 Larry Skutchan

interviews Marc Mulkahy at the 2007 ATIA conference. 10.8 MB

Guide Dog Adventures List

1/24/2007 Sarah Alawami

describes a new list she created about adventures of guide dogs and their users. 6.5 MB

Hot Spot Clicker

1/24/2007 Jim Snowbarger

describes new scripts for JAWS that let you mark a spot on the screen then use a hotkey to return to that spot. 14.7 MB

GoldWave 6

1/23/2007 Rick Harmon

continues this informative series on this powerful audio editing software. 29.9 MB

Mac OS X Hints

1/17/2007 Sam Britton

discusses some interesting experiences with the Mac.

Approaches To Life

1/16/2007 Robert Antunez

introduces himself and discusses communication and approaches to life. 28.2 MB

OE Groups

1/14/2007 Lynnette Tatum

and Hope Pavenmire teach the task of creating a group for email contacts in Outlook Express. 40.0 MB

The Hanging

1/13/2007 Pete Mikochik

Tales From Abacus Maze, The Hanging

The truth is what the children see, hanging from a gnarly tree.

this is the first in a series of audio short fiction from Abacus Maze. 5.2 MB

Icon In Use

1/11/2007 Marc Mulcahy

demonstrates using the Icon to grab the morning's newspaper, RSS feeds, podcasts, and email with coffee and reading the content on the bus to work. 17.1 MB

Goldwave Tutorial

1/10/2007 Ivan Fegundez

presents another tutorial for this audio editing software. 29.5 MB

Two Wire Gate Way Demo 2

1/9/2007 Sam Britton

continues the demonstration of the 2WIRE Home PortalGateway, 2700HG-B. You can learn more about the 2WIRE gateways atwww.2wire.com.

Also near the end of this podcast, Sam does a follow up on the Sipura 2100 voice over IP adapter that he discussed late last summer. To learn more about the Sipura

2100 voice over IP adapter, go to www.sipura.com. 23.6 MB

New Olympus Recorders

1/8/2007 Mary Emerson

describes the announcement, in a press release from Olympus, about some high quality, exciting recorders. These units include direct support for downloading podcasts, audible.com, high-quality recording (at 44.1KHz), and talking menus. They should be available sometime in January 2007. 9.7 MB

Zoom Recorder 3

1/7/2007 Neal Ewers

shows off the recorder's flexibility with some interesting sounds including a couple model trains. 40.1 MB

New Tech Toys

1/6/2007 Mary Emerson

describes three new tech items she purchased and is very happy about. 26.7 MB

Windows Unattended Installation

1/5/2007 Rick Harmon

demonstrates techniques that make it possible for a blind person to install Windows XP.

Wheelchair Repair

1/4/2007 Fred Otto

conducts a little impromptu wheelchair repair as he fixes a problem with open and close functionality. 8.5 MB

Unclean Review

1/3/2007 Sarah Alawami

reviews this extremely accessible utility that replaces the Add/Remove option in your control panel with one that is faster and easier. 7.4 MB

Two Wire Gateway Demo

1/2/2007 Sam Britton

demonstrates this combination DSL modem, router, and firewall device. 31.7 MB

Concise Oxford Dictionary And Thesaurus

1/1/2007 Chris Grabowski

reviews this powelful tool that lets you access the dictionary or thesaurus from within any application in the KeySoft software suite that runs on Braille Note devices from Humanware. 4.7 MB