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Baking Turkey

12/31/2005 Damian McMorrow

Damian bakes a turkey. 9.2 MB

Night Before Christmas

12/30/2005 Michael Killian

Michael presents some interesting variations.

6.6 MB

New Year

12/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk to work while we reflect on the passing year and look forward to the next. 15.7 MB

HTML Basics 2

12/30/2005 Riz Khan

Riz continues his popular series on getting started with HTML and includes some sample files.

18.1 MB

German Market

12/29/2005 Paul and Sally Hopkins

A tour of the German Christmas Market in the city centre of Birmingham England. 21.7 MB

Keysoft 7

12/29/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris discusses the exciting new features in the release of version 7 of HumanWare's Keysoft product for the BrailleNote.

9.3 MB

Christmas Memories

12/29/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria share some beautiful music and share memories.

35.5 MB

Doggy Decorations

12/28/2005 Darren Duff

Darren takes us shopping for holliday dog collars for his guide dog. 32.6 MB

Christmas Plays

12/23/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family for an afternoon of school Christmas plays in the north of England. 86.1 MB

Talking Tactile Tablet

12/23/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Richard demonstrate this unique system for adding several layers of audio information to tactile graphics. 45.9 MB

Scarlet Wombat

12/22/2005 Dan Graham

Dan introduces himself and discusses the winter solstus. 8.7 MB

Hexabits and Wrapping Gifts

12/20/2005 Donna Slater

Donna discusses this creative toy as a Christmas idea for a blind child, and she discusses techniques for wrapping presents. 6.4 MB

Christmas On The Kurzweil

12/19/2005 Neal Ewers

Another fantastic cast from Neal entertaining and demonstrating the capabilities of the Kurzweil keyboard. 49.9 MB

Angel Picture

12/17/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary continues the braille writer Christmas card series with a beautiful angel picture.

28 MB


12/17/2005 Angie Matney

Angie describes and demonstrates Humanware's Maestro PDA.

19.9 MB

HTML Basics

12/16/2005 Riz Khan

Riz gets down to the nitty gritty about html and how to get started writing it. 46.5 MB

Leap's Phonics Library

12/15/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette describes and demonstrates this Leap toy.

Christmas Tree Assembly

12/15/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria assemble a Christmas tree they purchased from QVC. 53.0 MB

mp3 Christmas 3

12/13/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry continues the accessible mp3 player as a Christmas present discussion. Check out Ray Kurzweil's interview on IT Conversations. We also discuss the accessibility issues raised by blindaccessjournal.com over the podsafe network and Slau's "If Everyday Were Christmas" song. 19.0 MB

Hope Povenmire Life

12/13/2005 Hope Povenmire

Hope describes her young life and interest in the music theropy career as described by Jamie Pauls. She ends with a beautiful song from her CD. 15.2 MB

Not Your Average Christmas Music

12/12/2005 Mary Emerson and Duncan Holms

Mary presents several interesting Christmas songs from Duncan Holms' CD, Not Your Average Christmas CD." She follows up with two songs on vocals and guitar. 20.5 MB

Dick Wamser Bio 3

12/11/2005 Dick Wamser

Join Dick for part three of his autobiography. 19.4 MB

Guide Dog Grooming

12/11/2005 Darren Duff

As Darren puts it, don't listen to this one while you're eating dinner! He brushes his dog's teeth, cleans ears, and more.

CS Lewis

12/11/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary discusses the person CS Lewis. 26.5 MB

Curt Tucker Career

12/11/2005 Curt Tucker

Curt describes his education and career in the human resources field. 6.8 MB

Amazing Amanda Demo

12/11/2005 Donna Slater

Donna discusses and demonstrates this doll she wishes we had when she was a young blind child. 10.7 MB

Roomba Discover Review

12/10/2005 Darren Duff

Darren reviews the Roomba robotic floor vacume. 30.9 MB

Dick Wamser Bio 2

12/10/2005 Dick Wamser

Dick describes his life in part 2 of 3.

20.6 MB

Mix Mix Mix

12/10/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob discusses the new sound mixing features in Studio Recorder beta.

9.8 MB


12/9/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary tells the story of this classic Christmas tale in her own words. 26.9 MB


12/8/2005 Riz Khan

Riz shows how you can use Cdex to record and talks about vidio gaming. 8.0 MB

Talking Multimeter

12/7/2005 Clay Jeffcoat

Clay describes the hhm2a-ir talking multimeter which you may obtain at www.newportus.com.

13.5 MB

Studio Recorder

12/6/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob discusses the new compression and adjustable clip indicator features in the latest beta. 24.2 MB

Napili Bay

12/5/2005 Jim Gammon

You are alone on the beach with this fantastic recording of Napili Bay in Hawaii. 101.4 MB

Napili Bay Intro

12/5/2005 Jim Gammon

Jim describes the next incredible recording. 2.4 MB

Lord Of The Rings

12/4/2005 Shane Jackson

Shane provides background on this literary treasure. 33.2 MB

Telex Professor Demo

12/2/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates this multi-purpose cassette/CD/DTB machine. 8.9 MB

Thanksgiving Ponderings

12/1/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria share some real Thanksgiving. 27.6 MB

Christmas Tree 2

12/1/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary continues her Christmas card series with a much more elaborate Christmas tree card on the braille writer. This one has a teddy bear to the left of the tree and a doll house to the right. 23.1 MB

mp3 Christmas 2

11/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry continues the discussion of what to look for with inexpensive mp3 players. 18.9 MB

mp3 Christmas 1

11/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses options for inexpensive mp3 players as Christmas gifts in part 1 of a multi-part series. 19.7 MB

Christmas Tree 1

11/27/2005 Mary Emerson

In this first installment of a multi-part series, Mary demonstrates making a simple Christmas tree with a braille writer for use on a card. 6.3 MB

Christmas Decorations

11/25/2005 Chris Grabowski

Join Chris and Marla to kick off the Christmas season with decorations. 29.4 MB

Concrete Factory

11/25/2005 Adam Morris

Join Adam for a tour of this factory. 34.3 MB


11/25/2005 Jeff Armstrong

That cold rain turned to snow, and Jeff enjoys and shares it. 14 MB

Back Room In Rain

11/24/2005 Jeff Armstrong

Jeff shares a cold Minnisota rain from the back room. 8.2 MB

In The Well

11/24/2005 Neal Ewers

Neal shares a thoughtful Thanksgiving message and a story from his book, Touch the Stars. 7.1 MB

WS320 Review

11/23/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary describes and demonstrates the Olympus WS-320 digital recorder. 26.7 MB


11/23/2005 Larry Skutchan

Check out this awesome intro from Kai Xiong. Also, in this issue: Mary Emerson bakes pumpkin pudding and/or pie, Daren Duff, smashes an AOL disc, Marvin Rush installs the DS-2 plus software, Larry shows how to install Andre Louis' sound scheme, sound seeing tours, and lots more. 100.3 MB


11/21/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria demonstrate the TADI electronic organizer. 32.1 MB


11/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk to work while he discusses dreams, perseptions, child sighted guides, and more. 30.7 MB

Christmas Parade 05 Nov 19

11/21/2005 Don Ball

Join Don with this incredible recording of the annual Raleigh NC Christmas Parade. 94.2 MB

Star Wars Collection

11/21/2005 Chris Grabowski

Let Chris show you his extensive collection. 11.2 MB

Savannah Haunted Tour

11/20/2005 Daren Duff

Join Daren, and Kim for a tour of haunted old Savannah Georgia. 77.9 MB

Robert Carter Hobbies

11/20/2005 Robert Carter

Robert describes his ham radio addiction. 38.3 MB


11/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Feedback and articles from Steve Bauer, Kia Xiong, Chris Grabowski, Rob Meredith, and listener feedback. The issue rounds out with a mashup from www.ianbutlermusic.com 64 MB

Loop On Loops

11/19/2005 Kai Xiong

Kai explains and demonstrates how loops in sound production are used. 11.8 MB

Fred Otto Interview

11/19/2005 Fred Otto

Fred discusses projects as the Tactile Graphics Project Leader in the Department of Educational Research at American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. 41.2 MB

Microphone Placement Part 1

11/19/2005 Neal Ewers

Neal describes several examples of microphone placement with some incredible real-life recordings. 35.7 MB

Dick Wamser Bio 1

11/18/2005 Dick Wamser

Dick describes his education and early interests. 20 MB

Running Errands

11/19/2005 Chris Grabowski

You'll get chilly as you join Chris and Marla on a cold Buffalo day to run some errands.

You'll love the cab driver. He digs the idea of a podcast, but the radio dispatcher isn't quite as impressed... 50 MB

DSS Player Plus Review

11/17/2005 Jeramiah Rogers

Jeramiah discusses the software you may purchase that lets you control the options on the Olympus DS-2 from your PC. 18.4 MB

Dana Niswonger Career

11/17/2005 Dana Niswonger

Dana describes his childhood, education, and various careers. 94.7 MB

Rose Combs Career

11/16/2005 Rose Combs

Rose shares her life with a chat about her education, marriage, and career as a medical transcriber. 47.4 MB

Blind Like Us

11/14/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette and Maria will make you laugh, learn, and cry all in a few short minutes. This is real NYC attitude! 23.4 MB

Best Recorder Continued

11/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we continue with the discussion of the best digital recorder. You might want to get your rain coat, though, because we get caught in a rain storm! 39.8 MB

Christine RobbinsInterview

11/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Christine Robbins shares experiences as an intern from Canadian National Institute for the Blind for American Printing House for the Blind. 15 MB

Best Recorder

11/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk in while we talk about an email asking which is the best digital recorder. We're doing our first recording on the M-audio MicroTrack. 31.8 MB

mPower Demo

11/14/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates the Braille Note mPower. 11.5 MB

Saturday Morning

11/13/2005 Mary Emerson

Join Mary while she does a few Saturday morning chores. 18.9 MB

Bonfire Night

11/13/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family for this unique British celebration. 48.1 MB

Feedback 05 Nov 13

11/13/2005 Larry Skutchan

34.7 MB

Making Chili

11/12/2005 Damian McMorrow

Damian cooks a Chili dish and shares some useful

cooking tips. He closes with a short comedy segment on cooking. 30 MB

More On Dogs

11/11/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning walk while we talk a little more about guide dogs. 33 MB

Jim On Relationships

11/10/2005 Jim Gammon

Jim shares some great information including a new aspect to a blind husband sighted wife relationnship that is possible through technology. 4.8 MB

Donna On Relationships

11/10/2005 Donna Slater

Donna discusses relationships with her sighted husband and children as a blind wife and mother. 13.4 MB

John Zinniger Interview

11/8/2005 Johnny Zinniger

Join Rob and John, Studio Engineer, for a technical conversation about microphones, audio, and digital recorders. 48 MB

Guitar Runover

11/8/2005 Jim Gammond

You're going to laugh at this one. Jim shares an old an incredibly preserved recording of running over a guitar with a car. 4 MB

New Model

11/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry talks about another way to take podcasting to a new level and plays user feedback and mystery sound 8. There is also a good recording of a thunder storm. 43.7 MB

DS 2 Review

11/7/2005 Jamie Pauls

Jamie provides extensive information about the operation of the Olympus DS 2 digital recorder. 15 MB

Bose 321 Demo

11/7/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates this home theater system. 4 MB

Mike Hudson Interview

11/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In addition to the interview with the new director of the APH museum, this issue contains:

Tim Cumings

Part 3: Keep the Noise Down
Lynnette TatumMaking the Point with Power Point

Sky Taylor

Bopit Extreme 2 Demo

Larry Skutchan

Blind Grandpa Sighted Grandchild Sound Seeing Tour

Rob Meredith

Mystery Sound 8

98.1 MB

Show 209

11/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

Jerry Halatyn explains microphones.

Lynnette Tatum takes us with her in Harlum for some grocery shopping.

Jerry Halatyn explains kbps annd Khz.

Larry walks home with you while discussing topics on the list.

57.7 MB

Carroll Stewart Interview

11/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

Professional narrator and Studio Director Carroll Stewart chats about her experiences as a narrator.

Grant Hardy shares a Halloween prank with a tech twist.

Keith Creasy reviews the MyFi XM satelite receiver.

Steve Bauer and Kai Xiong strut some cool new sound works of art.

Users call in with thoughtful submissions and a correct guess for the mystery sound. 52.9 MB

Laptalk Review

11/1/2005 Robert Carter

Robert reviews the Laptalk LT portible computer. He also plays a song from the Lascivious, Biddies, a great independent band. 22.4 MB


11/1/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates the Victor Classic Plus DAISY Digital Talking Book Player. 5.5 MB

Mary Emerson Interests

11/1/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary talks about her interests and hobbies and includes some great folk music. 11.1 MB

Plextalk PTN1

11/1/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates the Plextalk DAISY player. 5.4 MB

Ultimate Digital Recorder

11/01/2005 Neal Ewers

We asked for it. Neal describes the ultimate. 26.3 MB


10/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Several thoughtful comments about relationships.

Chris Grabowski and his wife Marla talk about how they do things as a blind couple, Edward Alonzo calls in with some great relationships suggestions by listening to his excellent podcast at feeds.feedburner.com/bdt .

Jeff Armstrong writes some powerful and interesting material. . 22.3 MB


10/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Kenny and Larry tour a haunted house. User comments, and a guess to

the mystery sound round out this issue. Check out the cool intro by Kai Xiong.

47.2 MB

Show 200

10/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Jim Fidler from Republic of Avalon Radio shares some music and a moving email.

Lynnette Tatum shares music and a snapshot of her week.

Larry proposes someone recording an audio guide to recorders and other appliances.

Lois Goodine found a terrific resource on digital audio at vibug.org/audio.htm. 39.1 MB


10/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

David Law demonstrates vPad software used to move content to your iPod.

Jamie Pauls demonstrates iPoddre using iTunes as its player with the Hartgen JAWS scripts to get content to the iPod.

Rob Meredith submitted mystery sound 7.

Larry answers voice mail.

31.2 MB

Sample Rate Vs KBPS

10/28/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob explains the difference between sample rate and KBPS.

9.1 MB

Hillcrest Halloween

10/28/2005 Larry Skutchan

Spaceship Halloween DecorationJoin Marley, Liz, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of a street in Louisville that goes way out for its Halloween decorations! 49 MB

Pleasantview Ghost

10/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Shelly, Liz, and Larry talk a little more about the ghost. 7.8 MB

California 1989 Earthquake

10/27/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary shares a recording of the San Francisco earthquake of 1989.

1.9 MB

Book Port Beta Preview

10/26/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss a few things including a preview of the features in the next beta of Book Port firmware and software.

13.3 MB

Accessibility Followup

10/26/2005 Darrell Shandrow

Darrell explains more about accessibility on digital recorders and other consumer products. 9.5 MB

Email Shortcut

10/25/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Lynnette demonstrates a slick technique for creating a desktop icon to open your email program with the To: field already filled out to a specific person. 8 MB

Recorder Accessibility

10/24/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob and Larry discuss various aspects of digital recorders including accessibility and useability. 24.3 MB

Sams Tour

10/22/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Liz and Larry for a brief discussion of relationships between blind and sighted partners and a sound seeing tour of a visit to Sam's Club, a warehouse type grocery store.

20 MB

Manhattan Walk

10/22/2005 Lynnette Tatum

Join Lynnette for a walk up Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

33.2 MB


10/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss various topics including ghosts! 27 MB

Verbal View Of Word

10/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes and demonstrates Verbal View of Word, a new DAISY based tutorial from APH.

8.3 MB

Jeff Armstrong Career

10/20/2005 Jeff Armstrong

Jeff describes his early life, education, and career as a vender.

30 MB

Mystery Solved

10/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we explain why the quality of the recording on the Olympus ws200s is so much less dynamic than those recordings made on the Iriver IFP 899.

32.1 MB


10/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while we visit, once again, the differences between the Iriver and the Olympus and discuss what is going on with the quality of the recordings on the Olympus.

26.8 MB

Rival Snow Cone Maker

10/19/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary demonstrates making a chocolate snow cone with the Rival snow cone machine.

3.4 MB

Studio Recorder Oct 18 Beta

10/19/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob discusses the latest features in Studio Recorder beta.

16.6 MB

One More Minute

10/18/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for one more behind the scenes while we appear on another local TV show.

29.9 MB

Picking Pumpkins

10/17/2005 Larry Skutchan

Marley Holding a PumpkinJoin Shelly, Marley, Liz, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of Huber Farms in Starlight Indiana for some good old fall fun.

41.8 MB

Cobolt Talking Tape Measure

10/17/2005 Jeff Armstrong

(version 2) Jeff demonstrates another talking tape measure, this one from Cobolt Systems.

6 MB

Almer Backup

10/16/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates this backup software.

6.5 MB

VIP Thermostat

10/16/2005 Scott Howell

Scott demonstrates and describes another talking thermostat that appears very similar to the one Chris demonstrated.

10.5 MB

Ultra ISO Demo

10/16/2005 Chris Grabowski

In part three of his imaging series, Chris demonstrates the techniques for creating a bootable image for your backups.

7.0 MB

Breakfast Drink

10/16/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary blends a healthy drink to get the day started with a flair.

8.4 MB

Bosch Vox Tape

10/16/2005 Scott Howell

Scott describes and demonstrates the Bosch Vox talking tape measure from Care Tech.

7.8 MB


10/15/2005 Dean Martineau

Dean describes and demonstrates a new search engine with a twist--designed for cell phones.

6 MB


10/15/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry responds to voicemail and email for the past two weeks.

54 MB

Jeremiah Rogers Career

10/14/2005 Jeremiah Rogers

Jeremiah describes his background, hobbies, and career in the braille production industry.

11.4 MB

Steve Bauer Career 2

10/13/2005 Steve Bauer

Steve describes his career in the banking industry (part 2 of 3).

9.3 MB

One Minute Of Fame

10/12/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for a behind-the-scenes sound seeing tour of getting interviewed for a local morning news segment on TV.

33.3 MB

Edirol R1 Review

10/11/2005 Rob Meredith

Rob describes and demonstrates this high-end digital Wav/MP3 recorder.

36.4 MB

Steve Bauer Career 1

10/10/2005 Steve Bauer

In part one, Steve talks about his broadcasting career.

7.5 MB

Chit Chat

10/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while we talk about this and that.

28.6 MB

Microtrack Recorder Review

10/10/2005 Neal Euers

Neal reviews and demonstrates a high-end digital recorder.

43.7 MB

Lynnette Tatums Career

10/10/2005 Lynnette Tatums

Lynnette describes her career as a technology trainer.

22.5 MB


10/9/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris reviews and demonstrates Image For Windows, a backup and restore system. 4.1 MB

Scott Howell Career

10/9/2005 Scott Howell

Scott describes his education, experiences, and career at NASA.

34.2 MB

SPBMC3 Mic Review

10/9/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary demonstrates and reviews this binaural microphone.

4.94 MB

Talking Thermostat Demo

10/9/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes and demonstrates a programmable thermostat available from www.talkingthermostat.com.

3.3 MB

Bird Of Prey Tour

10/9/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family on a sound seeing tour of the Milky Way Theme Park in Cornwall England.

35.7 MB

William Lomas Career

10/8/2005 William Lomas

William Lomas describes his education and young career in the UK as a college student.

11.3 MB

Olympus WS-200S Review

10/7/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while he records on and describes the Olympus WS-200S digital recorder. 33 MB

Tim Cross Career

10/6/2005 Tim Cross

Tim discusses his education and career in the programming and technology field.

38.6 MB

Sky Taylor Career

10/6/2005 Sky Taylor

Sky talks about his young life and career as a high school student in BC.

3.5 MB

Robert Carter Career

10/5/2005 Robert Carter

Robert describes his career as a psychologist and gives us some musical entertainment from his past.

26.5 MB

Adam Morris Career

10/3/2005 Adam Morris

Adam Morris describes his various career events.

13.5 MB

Lisa Hall Career

10/3/2005 Lisa Hall

Lisa hall describes her many careers as an operator to a transcriber.

19.6 MB

Fidler On The Iriver

10/3/2005 Jim Fidler

Jim Fidler from the Republic of Avalon Radio show answers a couple of questions on the Iriver hard disced based players.

4.3 MB

OSM Proposal

10/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while he tells you about the Off Screen Model and a proposal about an approach to increase accessibility and innovation to Windows.

28.9 MB

Feedback 05 Oct 03

10/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry answers email and voice mail.

64.6 MB

Donna Slater Career

10/3/2005 Donna Slater

Donna provides information about her education and career in the UK as a lawyer and information about a new business she is starting.

33.8 MB

Larry Skutchan Career

10/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes his career in the technology field.

36 MB

Chris Grabowski Career

10/2/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes his career as a trainer and how he got started.

4 MB

ITI Simon 3 Demo

10/1/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris reviews a wireless, totally accessible home security system.

5.2 MB

DS2 Review

10/1/2005 Mary Emerson

Mary describes the Olympus ds2 digital recorder from which you have heard many recordings, but no real formal discription--until now.

11.5 MB

BrailleNote GPS Demo

10/1/2005 Robert Carter

Robert all wired upRobert demonstrates a bluetooth global positioning system (GPS) receiver with the BrailleNote PK in a trip around his neighborhood.

53.6 MB

Brian Charlson Interview

9/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry and Brian have a chat about things going on at the Carroll center and other techy items.

37 MB

Recorder Overview

9/29/2005 Donald Ball

Don discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several digital recorders, earphones, and portible speaker systems.

17.6 MB

An Introduction to Using Braille Input on Book Port

9/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

In the 5th installment of the Book Port training series, Larry introduces the concept of the Book Port's braille input capabilities.

12 MB

Id Mate 2 Demo

9/29/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris discusses and demonstrates this portible, talking bar code scanner.

4.7 MB

Braille Rap Song

9/29/2005 Jonathan McCarty, Amanda Livers, Dustin Figg, Jonathan Cord,

and Shawn Holt

You'll love this rap song about braille. This was part of a project Tristan Pierce worked on. For more information, you may email her at tpierce@aph.org .

Lyrics by:

Lynn Horton, Helen Keller School, Alabama

Music by:

Tammy Whitten,

Helen Keller School, Alabama

Project Leader:

Tristan G. Pierce

Students' Vocals by:

Jonathan McCarty, Amanda Livers, Dustin Figg, Jonathan Cord,

and Shawn Holt,

Kentucky School for the Blind

Additional Vocals By:

Warren Killabrew

Produced by:

Aaron J. Frisbee

3.3 MB

York Boat Tour

9/28/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna and her family for a sound seeing tour of a boat ride in York, UK.

40.5 MB

Budget Recording Solutions

9/28/2005 Debee Norling

Debee describes the new RockBox 2.5 firmware and the Radio Shack Stereo Hands-free Tie-clip Electric Mic catalog number 33-3028. They are only $29.99.

7.2 MB


9/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while he talks a little about all the fantastic submissions you, the listeners, are sending in and why this is so good for all of us.

27.4 MB

Matt Campbell Career

9/27/2005 Matt Campbell

This fourth installment of the Career Profiles series features Matt Campbell, a very young, very successful programmer.

5.9 MB

File Quest Demo

9/26/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates File Quest XP Gold, a file manager replacement for Windows Explorer.

3.4 MB

Keep The Noise Down 2

9/26/2005 Tim Cumings

In this second installment of a three part series, Tim discusses pops and crackles and demonstrates some inexpensive software to eliminate them.

5.3 MB

Open Wide

9/26/2005 Larry Skutchan

You don't think I'm going to suffer by myself do you? Join us for the first ever dental cast.

36.6 MB

Debee Norling Career

9/25/2005 Debee Norling

Debee describes her many career moves and invites input from listeners who wish to hear more about any of them or how to effectively get a job.

52.6 MB

Feedback 05Sep25

9/25/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry answers user feedback from email and voice mail and replays mystery sound 6.

Some of the urls mentioned in this episode are:

PodCasting 101


Creating RSS Feeds


Digital Mediacast Experiment. is at www.dmcex.com.

The program that claims to provide less irelivent information is at http://qtsaver.dynalias.com.

47.6 MB

Reply To 3D Question

9/24/2005 Stan Hendrix

Stan Hendrix postulates explanations to the question Jamie Pauls asked about how we perceive front to back or back to front sensations when there are only two microphones and 2 speakers on which to listen.

4.8 MB

KeyRf Demo

9/24/2005 Debee Norling

Debee describes how to control your computer with a remote control device, the KeyRF from www.l3sys.com.

5 MB

Web DriveDemo

9/24/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates Web Drive, an application that maps a remote ftp site to a local drive letter, very cool.

3.8 MB


9/24/2005 Jamie Pauls

In this 2nd sumbmission for the career profile series, Jamie Pauls describes his.

11.4 MB


9/23/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates and discusses the beta of a new game from APH. Go to www.aph.org/beta to check it out.

14 MB

Keep The Noise Down 1

9/23/2005 Tim Cumings

In this first episode of a three part series, Tim Cumings describes hiss reduction in audio software.

7.3 MB

York Jorvik Tour

9/22/2005 Donna Slater

Join Donna Slater and her family for a sound seeing tour of the Jorvik Viking Museum in York England.

39.9 MB

Steve Gomas Interview

9/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Rob and Larry chat with Steve over lunch about Book Port, Book Courier, and other techy stuff.

30.6 MB


9/21/2005 Debee Norling

Debee explains how to use your cell phone as a modem in an expensive way.

15.3 MB

Bowling League

9/21/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join the 16 Fun Makers for the first game of their regular Tuesday night bowling league. Larry and Jo Ann explain how blind bowlers line themselves up and bowl.

35.9 MB

Point Of Reference

9/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss how a blind person can maintain a point of reference.

31.8 MB


9/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry answers more email and voicemail and plays mystery sound 6.

25.2 MB

Mary Emerson Career

9/18/2005 Mary Emerson

In the first of what we hope will be a long and fascinating series, Mary Emerson describes her career from college through retirement from IBM.

19.6 MB

CD3O Network mp3 Player

9/18/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris demonstrates this network based mp3 player from www.cd3o.com.


9/17/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 114, Larry answers email, plays voice mail feedback, and presents mystery sound #5.

37.3 MB

CAST Interview

9/16/2005 Larry Skutchan

Skip Stall and Chuck Hitchcock of the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) explain the fundimentals of the new National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard.

13.4 MB

Dallas Carriage Ride Tour

9/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Karen, Julia, and Larry for a carriage ride through the historic west end district of downtown Dallas.

28.3 MB

Dallas West End Tour

9/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Karen, Julia, and Larry for a little tourism fun through Dallas' historic West End. Especially check out Slim from the Fudgery. This man can sing, and he is garenteed to make you smile!

67.1 MB

Solar Cooking

9/13/2005 Debee Norling

Debee explains equipment and techniques for solar cooking. Go to www.solarcooking.org for more information.

12.2 MB

User Feedback

9/12/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 109, Larry answers email and voice mail and rreplays mystery sound 4.

Matt lets us know about another accessible media player called Foobar.

The source forge project we mentioned about drm was JHymn. 40 MB

Cobolt Systems Talking Time Stat

9/11/2005 Chris Grabowski

Chris describes the Cobolt Systems talking timer.

3.8 MB

Podcasting: How it Benefits the Blind User

9/11/2005 Larry Skutchan

This presentation at the 2005 NFB Computer User's Division of the Kentucky state convention describes some ways podcasting may be used to benefit blind computer users.

26.4 MB

Typical Mall Sound Seeing Tour

9/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Sound seeing tour of a typical mall.

19.5 MB

Verizon VX4650 Accessible Cell Phone Tour

9/10/2005 Karen Delzer and Curtis Delzer

Curtis and Karen Delzer demonstrate the Verizon LG VX-4650 cell phone.

They provide you tips to get you started using this phone. They describe the menus and buttons and show the accessibility features built into the phone.

20.4 MB

Jonathan Mosen Interview

9/9/2005 larry Skutchan and Jonathan Mosen

Larry and Jonathon talk about their podcasts and technology.

20.3 MB

More on Notetab

9/9/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry finishes up the conversation about the Notetab editor.

Shane Jackson's podcast is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/shaneslivejournal.

30.6 MB

Itunes 5 Impressions

9/8/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry provides first impressions of Itunes 5 and its accessibility.

25.4 MB

Notetab Editor

9/7/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we talk.

15.2 MB

Yard Work

9/6/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry and Shelly describe typical yard chores. We look at electric chainn saws.

7.9 MB

Digital Rights Management

9/6/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry on the commute to, work while we discuss Digital Rights Management issues. 21.7 MB

User Feedback

9/6/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry responds to email and voice mail. We also hear mystery sound 4.

We also discuss the MosenExplosion podcast. 45.3 MB

Frazier Arms Museum Sound Seeing Tour

9/5/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Liz, Shelly, Marley, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the Frazier Arms Museum in Louisville.

56.1 MB

2005 Kentucky State Fair Sound Seeing Tour

8/28/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry, Liz, Shelly, and Marley for this sound seeing tour of the 2005 Kentucky state fair. Especially check out the roller coaster ride!

117.6 MB

Digital Audio-Past, Present, and Future

9/4/2005 Tim Cumings and Michael Lang

Tim Cumings interviews Michael Lang about his vast experience with digital audio and the variety of reviews he has done for the Main Menu program. 19 MB

Vienna Public Transit Sound Seeing Tour

9/2/2005 Mike Busboom and Peter Rand

Join Mike Busboom and Peter Rand for a fascinating sound seeing tour of the public transit system in Vienna.

42.9 MB

Katrina Victums

9/2/2005 larry Skutchan

Please consider offering a room in your house to help the victums of hurricane Katrina. Visit www.hurricanehousing.org.

Larry also answers email and voice mail.

25.9 MB

Guido Corona Interview

9/1/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry and Guido Corona for lunch and some tech talk. We discuss Home Page Reader, Guido's career, passions for audio, and scanning and reading ebooks. 80.3 MB

Desktop Tips

8/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes some tips and tricks for using the Windows desktop effectively with keyboard commands.

27.9 MB

Digital Lending

8/30/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk home while we discuss the new way some libraries lend digital books.

26 MB

FTP to Archive.org

8/30/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates the process of uploading multiple files to archive.org.

15.4 MB

Bookshare Tips

8/28/2005 larry Skutchan

In episode 88, Larry answers email, responds to comments, plays mystery sound 3, and demonstrates the bookshare.org recent uploads browsing feature and downloads a well formatted DTB to Book Port. He then shows you how to move from section to section in the book just as if you were using the table of contents.

14.3 MB

Rockbox On Iriver H1XX

8/26/2005 larry Skutchan

Rockbox announces the iminant release of Rockbox with voice support for the Iriver H1XX series of mp3 player/recorders. 34.2 MB

Google Desktop Search

8/26/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry answers email, voice mail, and demonstrates the new version 2 Google Desktop Search tool.

The site that Dennis Brown manages is www.blindprogramming.com.

The Direct mp3 Splitter and Direct mp3 Joiner are at www.pistonsoft.com/.

24.8 MB

More On Ourmedia

8/23/2005 larry Skutchan

29.8 mb.

Larry discusses some more about ourmedia.org.

Ourmedia Impressions

8/22/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the walk to work while we talk about our first impressions of ourmedia.org, a storage and hosting service.

Farm Sounds

8/21/2005 larry Skutchan

Join us for some brief sound seeing tours and information about farming in Hope, Arkansas.

We Are Back

8/21/2005 larry Skutchan

Larry reviews email and voice comments to help catch up after the long absence.

Clinton Library Sound seeing Tour

8/15/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Shelly, Emil, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the Clinton Library in Little Rock.

Watermelon Festival Sound Seeing Tour

8/14/2005 larry Skutchan

Join Emil, Joey, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the annual watermelon festival in Hope, AR.

Arkansas Road Trip

8/12/2005 Larry Skutchan

28.1 mb.

Join Shelly and Larry for a road trip from Louisville Kentucky to Hope Arkansas.

Using The Nextup.com Voices With JFW

8/11/2005 Edward Alonzo

7.3 mb.

Edward Alonzo explains and demonstrates how to use the voices from nextup.com with Jaws for Windows.

Send To Tips

8/10/2005 Larry Skutchan


Larry replays mystery sound number 2, answers listener feedback, and shows how to use and add new items to the Windows Send To menu.

The microphones that we have been using in recent episodes on the street are the SP-TFB-2 Sound Professionals In-Ear Binaural microphones.

Podcast Reorganization

8/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

27.2 mb.

Join Larry on the morning commute while he describes the new category system for filtering how much of Blind Cool Tech you want to get.

Iriver Menues

8/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

29.9 mb.

Rodger goes through the menues in the Iriver IFP 899 version 1.29 firmware. We also present mystery sound #2. Larry also answers user email and comments.

Buying A PC Sound Seeing Tour

8/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

75 mb. Join Liz and Larry for a trip to buy a new PC.

Google Tips

8/8/2005 lskutchan

30.9 Join Larry for the walk home while he describes little known Google tips and tricks and checks out a cool new microphone.


8/5/2005 lskutchan

Larry describes the practise of phishing for personal information and how you can avoid getting caught up in this scam. 27.3 MB

Ipodder Addendum

8/4/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry corrects a mis-statement in the Using Ipodder episode and shows how to set up Ipodder's scheduler.

2.3 MB

Using Ipodder

8/4/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates setting up and using Ipodder 2.1 to catch those podcasts.

21.5 MB

Our Pick On Digital Recorders

8/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses why he selects the Iriver IFP 899 as the best all-around recording device.

The id3 tag editor we discuss is at www.softpointer.com .

The two opml files we talked about are at Blind Podcasters OPML and Best of the Best Podcasts opml . To use them, right click and select save target as. Finally, open Ipodder and go to File/Import and use the file you just downloaded.

51.7 MB

Programming In Windows Vs DOS

8/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

Keith, Rob, and Larry describe the differences between writing a program under an older system like DOS and writing modern applications in Windows.

10.4 MB

Comparing RFBD, Bookshare, And Audible

8/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry compares and contrasts the service and kinds of books available from RFBD, Bookshare, and Audible.com.

We also discuss the Republic of Avalon Radio podcast.

21.5 MB

Automated Tactile Maps

7/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Josh Mealy describes a research project that actually creates an embosser ready file of a map that you request. These maps are generated to your specifications--you just download it and emboss! 13.9 MB

Win Catalog Light Review

7/31/2005 Larry Skutchan

Dick Wamzer reviews Win Catalog Light, an accessible disc cataloging program.

16.4 MB

Washing The Dog

7/30/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry shows some techniques for effective dog washing while discussing email.

7.8 MB

Fat Friday

7/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Liz, Marley, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of Frankfort Avenue Trolley (FAT) Friday, an event that happens on the last Friday of each month on Frankfort Ave.

35.2 MB

Reading Audible.com On Book Port

7/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry describes and demonstrates the process of ordering and downloading a book from Audible.com then sending that book to Book Port for on-the-go reading. 15.2 MB

Book Port Vs Book Courier

7/29/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning commute while we describe the differences between Book Port and Book Courier.

25.6 MB

Access Watch And A Coffee Maker

7/28/2005 Larry Skutchan

Jamie Pauls describes Access Watch, a web site he created that lets users review products. Scott Rutkoskie also reviews the Sansio coffee maker in his Wormcast.

21.1 MB

Talking Word Puzzles Demo

7/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry demonstrates Talking Word Puzzles, an application that creates and lets the user solve accessible word puzzles. Crossword, hidden word, and hidden word with clue type puzzles are all supported.

16.9 MB

Podcasts We Would Like To See

7/27/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for the morning walk to work while we discuss podcasts that should be. In addition, we share some good ones we've found.

Shane Jackson's web site is http://www.shanejackson.net .

The web site for the historical audio podcast we discussed is http://www.westfieldnetwork.com .

The list of blind podcasters is at http://www.whitestick.co.uk/podcasts.html

24.3 MB

Reading RFBD Books On Book Port

7/26/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry guides you through the process of obtaining an RFBD key which enables you to read RFBD books on the Book Port.

12.3 MB

Sony MZB-100 Demo

7/24/2005 Edward Alonzo

Edward Alonzo describes and demonstrates the Sony MZB-100 mini-disc recorder/player.27 MB

Louisville Zoo Sound Seeing Tour

7/24/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Liz, Shelly, Marley, and Larry for a sound seeing tour of the Louisville zoo.

57.9 MB

Worm Composting

7/24/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry Describes the process of composting kitchen waste with composting worms. 14.7 MB

More On Digital Recorders

7/23/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses and demonstrates the Olympus DS-2. He then demonstrates the Iriver's internal microphone in a very harsh environment.

22.1 MB

Iriver Demo

7/22/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry talks about the Iriver IFP 899 and demonstrates its capabilities.

Here is the link to the Firmware update to let the device show up as a drive.

27.6 MB

Fred's Head

7/19/2005 Larry Skutchan and Michael McCartey

Michael McCarty describes and demonstrates Fred's Head, a free database that gives tips, tricks, and techniques about blindness.

12.2 MB

Rockbox Demo

7/17/2005 Larry Skutchan

Larry discusses and demonstrates the Archos Jukebox V2 Recorder mp3 player/recorder and walks you through the Rockbox accessible firmware.

9.7 MB

Harry Potter 6 Release

7/16/2005 Larry Skutchan

Linda, Shelly, and Larry are live at the Harry Potter release. Then follow along as we check out bookshare.org.

Next, Scott reports on bluebeat.com in his new podcast, Wormcast. Subscribe at feeds.feedburner.com/wormcast.

17.6 MB

Street Talk

7/15/2005 Larry Skutchan

Mike Tindell visits Louisville and demonstrates the new GPS package, Street Talk, for the Pacmate. 14 MB

Voting In Albania

7/15/2005 Larry Skutchan and Tristan Pierce

Tristan Pierce describes the accessible voting system she observed on her trip to Albainia. 10.2 MB

Sleep Apnea

7/14/2005 Larry Skutchan and Don Barrett

Don Barrett discusses the topic of sleep apnea and some possible solutions for the problem.

11.6 MB

Talking Word Puzzles Beta

7/13/2005 Larry Skutchan and Mario Eiland

Mario Eiland discusses the features in the latest beta of Talking Word Puzzles. This program provides enhanced feedback for students who want to work with crossword and hidden word puzzles. It also lets you create puzzles from a list of words.

There is a discussion list for this program. Send a blank email to talkingpuzzles-subscribe@topica.com if you wish to subscribe. You may check out the beta at www.aph.org/beta.

The blind programming list Mario describes is at blindprogramming-subscribe@onelist.com .

12.2 MB

K Sonar Demo

7/12/2005 Larry Skutchan and Terrie Terlau

In episode 44, Dr. Terrie Terlau demonstrates the K Sonar. This device provides feedback about the environment to help with mobility and orientation. 23 MB

Jonathan Mosen Interview

7/10/2005 Robert Carter and Jonathan Mosen

In episode 43, Robert Carter interviews Jonathan Mosen about the new product lineup from Humanware, Inc. The interview actually takes place on July 7, but it took us a day or two to get things together. 17.2 MB

Crescent Hill Tour

7/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Liz and Larry provide a sound seeing tour of historic Frankfort Ave in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville KY. Liz describes some of the architecture of the houses and explains the buildings we walk by. Inn some cases, she knows a little bit of history about the building. 32.3 MB

Media Center Demo

7/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 41, Larry demonstrates the use and accessibility of Windows Media Center. Media Center is the home entertainment version of Microsoft Windows that integrates into your living room.

14.4 MB

Accessible Cell Phones

7/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 40, Larry discusses accessible cell phones with particular emphasis on the Nokia series running the Symbian operating system. He demonstrates a Nokia 3650 with Talks software. 26,2 MB

Care And Feeding Of A Guide Dog

7/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 39, Larry goes into more detail about the care and feeding of a guide dog. 11 MB

Book Wizard Reader Beta

7/8/2005 Larry Skutchan and Keith Creasy

In episode 38, Keith Creasy describes the new features and functionality in Book Wizard Reader, the Digital Talking Book player software.

You may subscribe to the Book Wizard list by sending a blank email to bw-subscribe@topica.com .

8.4 MB

Blazing A Trail Through The Jungle

7/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 37, Larry answers some questions from email while he trims a path on the way to work.

5.6 MB

Studio Recorder 2.4.2 Released

7/7/2005 Larry Skutchan and Rob Meredith

In episode 36, Rob Meredith returns to discuss Studio Recorder. He discusses the features in the latest release and gives a road map of where the product is going.

To subscribe to the Studio Recorder list, send a blank email to studiorecorder-subscribe@freelists.org and put subscribe in the subject.

9.1 MB

How To Read A Menu

7/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 35, Liz and Larry demonstrate a way to read a menu to someone blind. We decide to let you join us for dinner, too, but the interest level is questionable. Delete if necessary! 18.5 MB

Humanware Notetakers NFB 2005

7/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 34, we learn about the differences between the new Humanware notetakers--the PK and the M Power. 13 MB

Everything Digital With NLS 2005

7/6/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 33, we attend a meeting at the NFB convention called Everything Digital where officials from the National Library Service answer consumer questions about the new Digital Talking Books. We hear for the first time, that the books will be offered online! 79.9 MB

NFB 2005 Exhibits

7/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 32, Liz and Larry take you on a sound seeing tour of the accessible home showcase, the NFB store, and the exhibit hall at the 2005 annual convention in Louisville.

We were actually evacuated from the hall because of a fire scare, but unfortunately, the batteries on the recorder died before capturing that event! 52 MB

Digital Recorders

7/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 31, we look at the advantages and uses of the portible digital recorders. Larry also talks about the new Itunes 4.9 that supports podcasting, the fact that audible.com now offers podcasting as a means of receiving subscriptions, and the fact that Blind Cool Tech is looking at some alternatives to handle increased traffic.

The show now offers listeners a way to submit longer material. You may submit audio files to ftp://bct@skular.onlinestoragesolution.com . Use bct as your user name and submit as your password.

22.7 MB


7/1/2005 lskutchan

In episode 30, we present the audio material distributed by the museum at APH. This material describes the history of tactile printing and the history American Printing House for the Blind. 11.7 MB

Museum Tour At APH

6/30/2005 Larry Skutchan and Ann Rich

In episode 29, Anne Rich, Museum Associate, gives us a guided tour of the museum located on the premises at American Printing House for the Blind. 32.7 MB

Ipodder, Media Player 10, And More

6/28/2005 lskutchan

In issue 28, Larry talks abou the new Ipodder, Media Player 10, and a few other little tidbits. 28.2 MB

Galt House Tour

6/26/2005 lskutchan

In recognition of the convention of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), we take a sound seeing tour of the Galt House, site of the convention, to help you get oriented to the layout of the hotel and downtown Louisville.

In addition to the tour of the Galt House, we take a carriage ride through downtown Louisville and get some great history and background.

Liz, Marley, and Shelly in CarriageJoining Larry, this issue, are Liz, Joseph, Shelly, and Marley.

88.1 MB

Tour APH Part 2

6/24/2005 lskutchan

In issue 26, Roberta Williams completes an extensive, behind the scenes tour of the production area of American Printing House for the Blind.

You see braille transcription and proof reading, braille presses, educational aids, large print, slate making shop, the studio, and tape duplication. 88.5 MB

NLS, DTBs, And The Future

6/23/2005 lskutchan

In issue 25, we look at the impressive future of the Talking Book program from the National Library Service (NLS).

Larry provides a brief history of where the program has been and where it is going. He demonstrates some impressive capabilities of Digital Talking Books and explains the NLS plans for the books in this format.

Finally, the program concludes with a reading of an excellent article about NLS history found on the NLS web site at www.loc.gov/nls.

17.4 MB

Getting Started With Money Talks

6/22/2005 lskutchan

In issue 24, Larry walks you through the steps necessary to get started using the Money Talks application to manage your accounts. He discusses the initial balance, clearing transactions, projecting expenses, and splitting transactions.

The software is demonstrated using its self-voicing capability. 20.9 MB

Verbal View Of Windows XP Demo

6/21/2005 lskutchan

Verbal View of Windows XP LogoIn episode 23, we look at a comprehensive tutorial about Windows XP.

Larry discusses the purpose of the tutorial and explains the formats available on the CD. He demonstrates how the presentation software works. 8.7 MB

Wiraman Niyomphol Interview

6/20/2005 Larry Skutchan

Rob, Larry, and Wiraman

In issue 22, Larry and Rob interview Mr. Wiraman Niyomphol. Wiraman Niyomphol is visiting the US from Thailand and tells of many interesting aspects of accessibility, attitudes, and education in Thailand. 50.4 MB

Mowing The Grass

6/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join Larry for some lawn mowing tips. 13.8 MB

Roomba Robotic Floor Vac

6/19/2005 Larry Skutchan

Roomba at WorkJoin Larry for a look at the Roomba robotic floor vac. We discuss the pros and cons, accessibility, and reliability issues. 24.1 MB

Grocery Addendum

6/18/2005 larsku

Larry clarifies a point or two about the grocery shopping tour that might not have been obvious to the listener. 1.2 MB

Grocery Shopping

6/18/2005 larsku

Liz and Larry take a trip to Sam's. Come on this sound seeing tour with us to see the proper way to shop with a blind person. 35.9 MB

Tool Around In A Hot WRX

6/18/2005 larsku

Suburu WRX

Join Liz and Larry for some sports car fun. 3.1 MB

BCT 16 Update

6/18/2005 larsku

In this issue join Larry for the walk home while he updates you about the podcast. 11.3 MB

Bill And Jaroslaf Interview

6/17/2005 lskutchan

In episode 15, Larry interviews Dr. Bill Penrod from the University of Louisville and Dr. Jarosaf Wiacowj of Warsaw Poland. 31.8 MB

Rob Discusses Studio Recorder Beta 2.4.x Features

6/17/2005 lskutchan

In episode 14, Rob Meredith discusses the new Studio Recorder beta. He lets us know what is new with this version and what to expect in the next few weeks. 6.5 MB

Tristan Pierce Interview

6/16/2005 Larry Skutchan and Tristan Pierce

Tristan PierceIn episode 13, we interview Tristan Pierce, Multiple Handicap Project Leader in the Department of Educational Research at APH. She develops both physical fictness and multiple handicap products.

Tristan describes the projects she is working on.

23 MB

Studio Tour

6/16/2005 Larry Skutchan and Steve Mullins

In episode 12, we take a tour with Steve Mullins, Special Projects Manager at APH. He describes the recording process and talks about how APH creates digital talking books.

24 MB


6/16/2005 Larry Skutchan

Join us for a friendly game of braille Scrabble. Is detoughen a work or not? What about trapezer?

If this is too boreing for you, use the delete command!

32 MB

Exploring Features In Book Port 2.0

6/21/2005 Larry Skutchan


In episode 10, Larry goes back and discusses all the new features in Book Port firmware release 2.0 and its accompanying software version 2.0. He also gives brief demonstrations of how these features are used.

Episode 9 looked at the 2.1 release, but Larry wanted to bring you up to date on all that was added to 2.0 as well.

27.2 MB

Book Port Firmware 2.1 Released

6/14/2005 Larry Skutchan

In epasode 9, we discuss the new features and bug fixes with Book Port Firmware version 2.1.

Larry goes through the process of updating the firmware over the internet and demonstrates the new features.

13.5 MB

Money Talks Demo

6/13/2005 Larry Skutchan

In episode 8, Larry demonstrates Money Talks, a new financial management program that is totally accessible. It was written at APH to provide a means of managing your accounts while using screen readers or magnification products. The program also works as a self-voicing application. You may download a demo of Money Talks to evaluate for yourself.

22.9 MB

Getting Started Listening To Podcasts

6/11/2005 Larry Skutchan

In show 7, Larry has an early morning talk with you about how to get started with podcasting. We discuss two podcatcher applications--Ipodder and PPR Prime Time Podcast Receiver-- and discuss accessibility, subscribing to new shows, finding shows, and more. We talk about what makes podcasting podcasting and how it is different from just downloading an mp3 file and listening to it.

We mention getting a more accessible version of Ipodder from Jeff Bishop's Web site. There are also links to subscribe to his show on the page.

17.6 MB

Introducing The Software Engineers At APH

6/10/2005 Larry Skutchan

Issue 6 provides an overview of the kinds of projects we are working on in the Technology section of the Department of Educational Research. We introduce you to each of the developers and let them tell you a little about themselves and what they are working on.

Larry Skutchan, Mario Eiland, Rodger Smith, Mike McDonald, John Hedges, Keith Creasy, Mark Klarer, and Rob Meredith all talk for a few minutes.

12.9 MB

Tour APH Part 1

6/10/2005 Larry Skutchan and Roberta Williams

In show 5, we join Roberta Williams for the tour of APH. APH offers this tour daily (except Fridays and weekends) at 10:00 and 2:00.

Roberta Williams giving tour in plantWe get an introduction to APH, examine some sample products in the display room, and start back into the production area to look at how tactile graphics are made.

Be sure to tune in for more in an upcoming show.

25 MB

Working With A Seeing Eye Dog

6/9/2005 Larry Skutchan

In this issue, Jake and Larry take a 2 mile walk. Larry explains what Jake, the guide dog, is doing and how he conveys information to Larry. Larry also explains the training process and how to provide the dog with direction and commands.

They get the added benefit of an unscheduled detour, so you see the dog's reaction to an unexpected event.

35.7 MB

Blind Bowling

6/8/2005 Larry Skutchan

In this episode, we go bowling. 8.4 MB

Advanced Book Port Features

6/3/2005 Larry Skutchan

We explore all the menu options and round out with the rest of the commands available on the Book Port. 14.8 MB

Exploring Book Port Transfer Software

6/2/2005 Larry Skutchan

The software that is used to transfer files to Book Port is examined in detail. We explore the differences between music and spoken word audio content and take you through many of the software's functions. 20.8 MB

Introducing Book Port

6/1/2005 Larry Skutchan

This eposode takes the user through unpacking, orientation, and beginning use of Book Port.

We set the time and date, explore the manual, connect to the PC, send files, and record a memo. 12.5 MB